My Story Prezi

Here's my story! I created a Prezi to answer a set of 5 questions:

1. What kind of educational leader do you want to be?
2. How does the use of technology fit into the vision of your leadership and what you want for your school, teachers, students, and community?
3. Summarize three main takeaways from this course and the accompanying activities/readings/videos/experiences in regards to technology & communication that changed the way you think about what it means to be a leader.
4. How will you embrace connected learning and digital tools in order to enhance your work as a principal?
5. What do you still wish to explore and learn? What are your next steps?


Digital Citizenship

When researching the importance of digital citizenship this week, I chose to look at a blog post on the SMART Technologies page. I figured why not go with the people who create SMART boards they must know a lot about digital citizenship.

Author Rebecca Penna Simon was an elementary school classroom teacher, she moved to New York in 2013 to become the Director of Educational Technology and Innovation at the Solomon Schechter School of Queens. Rebecca is a SMART Exemplary Educator, a SMART Certified Trainer in Notebook and Response, a SMART amp Champ, and a SMART Certified Lesson Developer.

According to her blog she describes,
 "Digital Citizenship is the understanding of human, cultural, and societal issues related to technology and the advocating and practicing of safe, responsible and ethical use of digital information and technology. (ISTE, 2007)"
  I liked her approach in the article of be…
Community Engagement Project

Alliance for Excellent Education Live Stream

One of the idea in the book that stood out to me was the PLN personalized learning network. It may seem like we already do this on a normal basis. Teacher and people and in general tend to share and bounce ideas off of people/ teachers that have the same common interests as each other. Even more now since we have the use of technology, in ways like blogs or Pinterest and twitter, but I don't feel like schools use it to collaborate as much as it could be. Like I've said in other blogs as an Art teacher I would 100% support cross disciplinary themes. For example, if students are learning geometry or surface area of 3D shape, I would teach them how to construct one in real life so they could see that cube on their math worksheet in their hand. I feel like the only time I know what other teachers are using in their classroom or teaching around that time is when we run into each other at the copier machine and we say hey check out what I'm doing this week. Or they put up a…
I was reading Hacking Project Based Learning which is showing  a free webinar June 15, since our school is transforming next school year into a blended learning environment. I was searching things I can prepare for over the summer, and as I feel like I currently do most of these things, there are so many technologies that could be in my classroom that would help me achieve student based learning. I feel my principal falls short in this aspect when I don't even have a projector/ printer/ or student computers for my classes to even look at Art in color!! How are we going to go from straight chalk board classes to even close to technology implementation and project based learning in this building without a fight?  I feel like she need this video.. 

     Tom Murray's blog I feel is more educational in its form. The colors the visual appeal. The benefits include, here are the resources...USE THEM! In my own opinion, I find this helpful more than just a reflective educational …

Getting Started: Practical Tips for Going Digital